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The team at Muttigans in Swansboro is here for you and your pets. Learn more about our pet services below.

Local Delivery

{At|Here at} Muttigans, we are {proud|happy|pleased} to {offer|provide} {fast|quick|swift|speedy|prompt}, {reliable|dependable|reputable|trustworthy|trusted|professional} delivery services near Swansboro. Simply {contact|get in touch with|call|reach out to|phone} us at (910) 325-1728 to {place|arrange|put in} your {order|purchase|request|shipment}. For an added {convenience|benefit}, {ask us|inquire} about {setting up|establishing|putting together|creating|scheduling} {a recurring|a repeating|a reoccuring} delivery. Our {local|regional|neighborhood} delivery drivers are {happy|delighted|more than happy|glad} to help {provide|offer|supply} {additional|extra|added} assistance for the {aging|elderly|senior}, underserved, and {special needs|handicapped} community; please {let us know|make us aware} at the time of order if this is {required|needed|necessitated|requested}.

Pickup Services

Let us come out and meet you your co-pilot! Purchase online and choose in-store or curbside pick-up - and if you need to hustle through, we will run it out to your car. Just call us when you pull up to the shop.

Pet Grooming Services

If you are looking for a pet groomer in Swansboro, NC, then look no further than Muttigans. Our certified pet groomers deliver individualized service with a tender touch to have your pet looking their finest. We groom all sizes of dogs. Regardless of your dog is needing a quick bath and teeth brushing appointment, or it is time for a dab of special pampering, our dedicated staff is here to assist with each one of your concerns for dog grooming. We provide a hygienic, safe, and courteous area to clean your dog.

Local Coffee Shop

At Muttigans, we have a variety of drinks to choose from. Coffee, smoothies, treats, and more!

Baked Dog Treats

Check out our great selection of treats for dogs! Cookies, biscuits, and much more!

Pet Adoptions

We are proud to support our local dog and cat rescues & shelters. Congratulations on your decision to adopt a pet! Not only will you be providing a dog or cat a loving house, but you'll also be clearing space at a pet shelter for another pet to get rescued, in addition!

Pet Food & Supply Store

We provide a fresh choice of high quality healthy pet food as well as pet supply to fulfill the needs of local pet parents and their family pets in the community.

Nutritional Counseling

Our pets' daily diet is very important to their general health and well-being. At Muttigans, our pet nutrition advice in Swansboro strives to empower pet owners to provide their animals with a high-quality diet over the course of each phase of life. Proper nutrition can help reduce many medical problems.

We Love Our Customers From Areas Near Swansboro

We love all of our customers! Check out what our customers from areas near Emerald Island, Indian Beach, Salter Path, Hubert, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, and more, are saying.

Come visit our pet supply store in Swansboro, NC specializing in coffee, quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.