VIP2 Reward Program

by Development User 01 sep

VIP2 - Very Important People & Pets   

Our Dogs Like Rewards... and So Do We!   

From bacon bits to belly rubs, our dogs look forward to special treats. That's how we get them to learn commands and fun tricks!     

We're not going to rub your belly or try to teach you how to roll over - though we'd love for you to sit & stay a while!     

But we are going to reward you for being loyal. Dog loyal. You know, the kind of loyal that makes them tail wagging crazy when you return home - even if you only walked to the mailbox.     

Here's how it works: You get 1 point for every dollar you spend with us. We reward you with fun treats. From free stickers to thermal mugs, you can save or use your points however you want. Every month we'll add something new to the available rewards.  Cool right? We thought so too. You can find our current list of rewards below. Or just ask one of our team members.    

And hey! - Thanks for being so pawsome!    

$1 = 1 Point 
50pts - Pick a sticker*
75pts = Free Medium House Coffee
100pts = 1 Gourmet Dog Cookie
150pts = Free Medium Specialty Beverage
200pts = $5.00 Gift Card
400pts = Set of Muttigans Wine Glasses
500pts = Paws and Enjoy Life Thermal Mug
1000pts = 1 year Free subscription to the Coffee Club**

 *Nice Matters and Emerald Isle Dog Park stickers are exempt from this offer    
** Coffee Club Membership Coming Soon!