Our Eco-Friendly Practices

by Development User 06 aug

I always feel so amazingly lucky to live by one of the prettiest beaches on the East coast.  The rhythmic crashing of the waves onshore easily washes away stress and replaces it with peace. It is exciting when I can share the beauty of the Crystal Coast with friends and family, and now as a business owner, with the visitors that come to spend time here. 

But I also see the impact of not taking definite and specific measures to protect not only our beaches, but the planet as a whole. While there are no perfect solutions, at Muttigans we are continuously looking for ways to help keep our beaches clean and our planet healthy. 

I want to share with you 10 steps we have taken in that direction: 

  1. Compostable cold cups.  Unlike many coffee shops, we serve our beverages in disposable cups.  Because we allow pets in our store, this is one of the mandates we have to comply with. We recently converted our regular plastic cups to PLA cups which are fully compostable.  They are a little softer, so if you see our team of petristas struggling to get the lids on, that is the reason why! If you’d like to see a video of how that can work, click here.  
  2. Individually wrapped bamboo coffee stirrers. We replaced the typical plastic stirrers with ones that will keep both you and the planet safer and healthier 
  3. Trash for Coffee. In cooperation with the Bogue Banks Chapter of the Surfriders Foundation, we have a bucket available at the Emerald Isle location. You can: Borrow it. Fill it with trash picked up at the beach. Take a picture and tag us in it. Return the bucket and get a free cup of coffee! 
  4. We recycle glass and cardboard and plastic containers. We go through a lot of containers! Instead of just throwing them out in our regular dumpster, we opted to pay for an additional recycle bin and pick up. 
  5. We carry a wide selection of toys made from hemp and recycled water bottles. Look for the Snugarooz and Petique brands in our stores! 
  6. We also carry compostable poop bags and bag holders made of recycled inner tubes – because one thing is certain when you have a dog – poop happens! Our favorite pick right now is the Cycle Dog line.  
  7. We collect our coffee grounds and donate them to locals to use as composting materials 
  8. The primary shampoo used by our groomers is Earthbath. You can click here to check out their website and find out more about their earth friendly philosophy and practices. 
  9. We offer a discount on beverages if you bring your own mug. We’ll even rinse it out for you! 
  10. Unless you have a large amount of items, we ask if you would like a bag instead of just handing you one. Same goes for paper receipts. 

We know there is still more we can do. We are conscious and aware that the choices we make as a company now will affect our communities and we want to make the best choices possible as we evolve and grow. We love our pets, we love our people and our planet and most of all we are grateful that we live in a time when we have so many options available to keep doing what we do and still be a friend to the earth.